At 2: 17: ”…And Ben came out of nowhere in his Daredevil costume..and got me ‘I got her!’. And i just said Who else has Ben Affleck as their own personal Superhero”

 - Jennifer Garner on her serious accident on the set of Daredevil, 2003.

While on set, she was involved in a potentially serious accident on the set of Daredevil when, entangled in wires with her arms stuck and unable to move while doing a flip, she came crashing towards a wall “head-first with such velocity, that [she] was about to smash [her] head into the wall”. During an interview, she said “out of nowhere comes this 6 ft. 4 in. red devil (Ben Affleck) who just kind of put his arms out and shouts: ‘I’ve got her!’ I’m telling you, it was like, ‘I’ve got my own superhero.’”



With Jennifer Garner it really is one of those kinds of things where, she’s so up-with-people that you keep thinking, “There has to be some dark side, some twisted, deep underbelly of something under here.” As far as I can tell from the months we spent together, there really isn’t.

She was professional, really patient. I think if she has a flaw it’s that sometimes she’s too patient. Too indulgent. Puts up with too much when she should really be saying, “Wait a minute. This is not exactly my job or this should be being done better.”

She really is that nice. I think it’s her upbringing, being this girl from West Virginia. Very well-mannered. Very smart.

One of the great things about Jennifer Garner is that she really doesn’t know how beautiful she is. There are a lot of women who, not only are aware of that, but, particularly in this business, are sort of subconsciously instructed to use their physical attributes to trade on their sexuality. Trade on their beauty. That that’s what’s valuable about them. That’s what’s interesting about them. Put it out there. Keep it up. Do plastic surgery. Go through this whole thing.

It really isn’t about that for her. I don’t think that she thinks she’s as drop-dead gorgeous as she is. I think that is what gives her this incredibly appealing quality. She’s more than the girl next door because she is so va-va-voom, but also she’s not threatening. She doesn’t seem like…I think women look at her and they don’t say, “I think she’s going to try to seduce my husband. She’s somebody that I could trust. She’s like a girlfriend that I could get along with.”

As far as working with her, she was better at the action stuff than I was. Flat-out, no questions about it, just better at it. It was humbling for me. Something that I had to address in my own life.

Ben Affleck talks about Jennifer Garner in 2003 x (via allaffleck)

We were around each other, together a lot [on Pearl Harbor]. My role was small enough and peripheral enough that I was given the gift of observation.

So, I was able to watch and admire the way Ben treated everyone around him from the crew to people with smaller roles, like myself, to background performers. He’s really a gentleman and he’s not afraid to laugh at himself, or you, and I knew, I just had an instinct that he would take care of me in my first step out there, and he did. I was right and I’m so glad that he was my first, my big red devil.

Jennifer Garner, on how she knew that Ben Affleck would be a good co-star in Daredevil (via allaffleck)

Hey guys, I’m making a fan video about Jen and Ben, something different of what we’ve seen. I have some ideas and videos but it’s not enough to make it, so I wanna ask you if you have some videos of them two together, please send me and I will put your name on credits. If you know some video of youtube or another video platform, send me the link, it will help me too! Thank you so much!

""One of my first lines, on the first day, Ben goes, "Just want you to know, minimum, 30 takes." And the blood was draining from my face. I turned around and I was like, "Are you serious?" He was like, 
"Yeah, yeah, yeah."""
Tyler Perry on filming 'Gone Girl' ;)
"You know how as a kid you picture yourself with a tall, handsome husband, and you imagine him cuddling your baby? Ben is that guy!"
Jennifer Garner, In Style magazine, 2007